The Java Bar contains fresh coffee grounds that work as an exfoliate, removing dead skin cells, revealing soft, evenly toned skin. The naturally occurring caffeine energizes your skin, giving it a much-desired youthful glow. A specialized blend of secret ingredients absorb excess oils, provide supreme relief from acne, fades existing and prevents future acne scars and combats pesky blackheads; leaving your skin polished and perfectly hydrated.  The dual-layered feature of The Java Bar, one with exfoliates and one without, is like getting two soaps in one.

Use The Java Bar in the kitchen to eliminate strong food odors, such as garlic or fish, that seemingly attach themselves to your skin.  The same concept is applied for those who experience excessive body odors. The unwelcome aroma is replaced with fresh, clean, rejuvenated skin. Wake up your skin the same way you wake up your insides…with the truly tantalizing Java Bar.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Flax oil, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), coffee beans, fresh ground/fresh brewed coffee, water, goat milk.

Ideal for all skin types, those prone to breakouts and oily skin.

Approx. 7 – 8 oz. bar

**Always store used soap where air can flow around the soap, such as a wire rack or dish that allows the bar to be lifted away from any surface.  This will lengthen the life of the soap and prevent the growth of yucky bacteria!

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