Those of us here at The Bee’s Knees are very passionate about animal rescue.  We are soo dedicated to helping the “fuzzy kids” that MissKellyKat has created a special soap just for them.  The Funky Puppy Flea Flicker Soap not only gets your best friend super squeaky clean, but it also contains environmentally  friendly agents that work to ward off fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other pesky bugs, all the while leaving their fur shiny and soft.  Essential oils penetrate to soothe irritated skin and calm the overall mood of your canine pal should he or she be anxious about bath time.  If stored properly**, and used at a typical bathing regimen rate, this bar will last you several months to a year!  (This is based on a ONE dog usage and rate of 1-2 X’s a month bathing.  For more dogs and more frequent bathing that time will be reduced but will still be long lasting.)

Another fabulous use is to take a small piece and carry it in your pocket when hiking to reduce your chances of getting eaten alive by chiggers and ticks.  Wash yourself and your dogs prior to any outdoor activity with the FPFFS to double ensure this amazing benefit. This soap contains absolutely ZERO chemicals or medicine so it is suitable for both humans and canines.

The best part of all is that HALF OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS SOAP GOES DIRECTLY TO ANIMAL RESCUES IN THE USA.  We make sure the money raised goes to a legitimate animal rescue where funds are proven to actually benefit the animals and not the people.  We also try to mix it up a bit by donating to different rescues each time.  As most already know, MissKellyKat has a deep love for Chinese Pugs & German Shepherds,  but we support little furry friends of any breed in need.  If you happen to have a favorite animal charity or rescue group, please email us at: orders@beeskneesorganic.com and we’ll be sure to include them in our circle of helping hands.

Naturally colored with Alkanet Root Powder and scented with a blend of several secret essential oils.

(approx. 7  oz per bar)

**Due to it’s large size, it is recommended that you break or cut the bar in half.  Keep one in the bathroom and take one with you on the go!  Always store used soap where air can flow around the soap, such as a wire rack or dish that allows the bar to be lifted away from any surface.  A soap that lies in wetness can grow bacteria!**


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